Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hi this is my bestfriend and me actually i have so many friends hehehehe because i am very friendly "di ako nangagagat ha" baka magka-rabies pa daw siya"anyway we become close friends...when we see each other applying for sideline job.I don't remember whats that job is?But you had to stay whole day at the mall looking for a customer "i forgot it" actually you will look for 3 customer then you will get paid by 8-hours.You will report their office in the morning but if you can't get 3 people you can't get your money.Its not demanding but very strict ....hmmmnn i can't fully remember what is it then...i tried to worked 3 days there...thats why i found her since then we become close friends.She had a son already and married with her loving husband.I miss our shopping oppps window shopping only.We both crazy about malling...I remember before we bought the whole jumbo order P550 in KFC with big tumblers free...we just ate the whole thing...ha ha ha ha poor chicken because we are so greedy.We loved to ate new Restaurant even it is expensive...we will always try the first time..then we divide into 2 -KKB portion.

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Hello! thanks for dropping by and your comment. thanks also for linking me. i added your 3 blogs sa 3 blogs ko ;)

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