Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The three "gangster"

"the GangSters"
"its me the author"
Wow,its been a year since i left my hometown,
but i can't feel it...days and months and years but our bonding still growing
stronger each day and days forward.Mah friends he he he you looked so pretty "above picture"shes wearing color green"Isn't she pretty my friends bloggers? oppppps taken na po yan he he he miss you so much.I miss the "Kamiseta" and "Bayo" plus "Lacoste" is that your
favorite Place....I used to be with her shoppingholic im just the body-body as in alalay nila hehhee they are very sexy and petite....Mah friends Miss you na like crazy...the other gangster
were always talking to the net....she's so pretty now look at her ....hehehehe i won't mention
names here...."bad" sabi po ni lola noong kabataan niya (joke)

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