Thursday, March 20, 2008

Officemate and roomate

Mylene i didn't know her first but i've heard that she is a Maldita and Suplada at the same time we worked the same company before she is a directress in another branch and i am in another branch so i've heard rumored about her telling me that she is like that and like that you know then our branch going to expand we need 2 director at the same branch Mario my dearest friend i know that he is successful now where ever he is....i've heard is he is taking masteral kind of so he resigned the job and somebody must replace his position because i am in the heart of Davao city that time that is my branch i travel up to Tibungko and Lanang...still part of my job and mylene only for Toril,Davao City.They want to conquer the Big City so many officers wanted to be assigned at the heart of Davao City it self.Ha ha ha ha i am one of those thats why if i have another offer higher position but i will transfer i said "no" hhahahaa i don't want to travel i love city life....and i love my position so to speak so i met her there and we kind like each other because we are same "Maldita" and "Suplada" ha ha ha ha pasaway sometimes i miss her you know she is my best friend and my roomate for 1 year,because she moved out to Davao she's looking for a place to stay in i offer my apartment for her because one of my roomate leave assigned in another branch she is working at Mercury Drug Store ...i miss our life when we are single and happy go lucky we did everything and always go night life....I miss my friends and my officemates before....i miss you guys.Life is unpredictable who would believe that i am here now living in USA ha ha ha i didn't think of applying abroad for Domestic Helper because that is the easy way to go abroad not unless if you are nurse or medicine related and if your choosy the placement fee is too high and you can't be so sure if you can fly the only sure is your money downpayment for them ha ha ha i am too smart to do that..,i won't gamble my money for nothing i said i better used it as a 5/6 business many people go rich on that business 5/6 ha ha ha ha so i did not do it .....but fate played on me if you like to know more read my stories because another phase of my life my love life stories....

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