Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sad and jealous

Yes,i'm sad and jealous to all those people who is just finished watching the movie my big love.Yes,very very jealous here.I love to watch that movie and can't do it
hu hu hu if i can just fly right away i will do!!! The movie is so kilig and romantic
I love it so much.I'll wait my time if it is soon out to the market i will ask my sister to
buy me a copy lol ,,,I Love toni and sam they are so cute cute ha ha ha ha plus i am romantic
lover and i love fiction ha ha ha i love stories ha ha ha so expect that i'm crazy about Love,Love.,Love so if you want to read more Love stories read more here "Love Stories"

Are you crazy too? huh :-) smile ,....he he he


honey said...

nyaahhaah..same ta weng..ala lang ko itan aw kay ala ko uban...kuyog ta.

Nedekcir said...

lucky for them they have time to watch a movie he he he ako wala :(