Saturday, May 17, 2008

Priscila got evicted

Priscilla returns to the outside world
May 17, 2008 10:44 PM

With the Big Island Adventure looming just ahead, Kuya prepares the teens through this week’s task. Under the supervision of officers from the Philippine Air Force (PAF), the housemate went through a rigorous military survival training which they brilliantly passed with flying colors last Friday. The teens received a total of 176 merits, 76 points more than Kuya’s expected score. The PAF officers commended everyone saying that they have exerted a lot of effort and have shown maturity all through out the course. After hearing those kind words from the strict teachers, the housemates enveloped them in a group hug. Kuya also awarded the teens their full weekly budget.

Before getting to eviction business, Beauty and the rest of the gang had to say good-bye to Mommy Carina. Although it pained Beauty to sacrifice her own mom from the Guardian Big Four, the young woman knew this was the right thing to do. Mommy Carina gave everyone a tight embrace before bidding her daughter farewell. Although teary eyed, she told hosts Luis Manzano and Bianca Gonzales that she’s crying not because she’s sad. In fact she is very happy and proud of Beauty for she has never seen this side of her daughter before.

Luis then got the housemates ready for the announcement of the evictee for the week. Nicole was the first girl called into the safe zone and there was an obvious look of surprise on her face. Beauty was expecting to follow her mom out of the house tonight, but it was Priscilla who got the boot, garnering only 11.51% of the votes. Priscilla also hugged all the remaining housemates and wished everyone well. She was then welcomed back to the real world by her mom, Jinky.

The Deaf Dreamer was actually all smiles when she saw the crowd outside Kuya’s house. When asked by Luis how she feels at the moment, Pris was very positive about everything. "Ok lang, para sa ‘kin masaya pa rin ako. Kasi kahit paano na nagawa ko pa rin yung dream ko. This is a very big impact for me, to be in this house. Kahit pa kung ako ang naging first evictee, I’m very happy." The young lady also apologized to her mom for being a "bad girl" inside the house. She knows that everything is God’s will and that He has plans for her.

Despite it being a rainy night, the winners of Sikat sa Haircut unveiled their own billboard outside the yellow house. From several entries across the country, Kuya, the male teen housemates and guardians chose who deserved to win the P50,000 cash prize. After some deliberation the men picked the kids of Batang Moreno ng Laguna as the grand prize winners. Their check was presented on stage by ex-teen housemate Josef and guardian Daddy John.

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