Thursday, October 23, 2008

Me and My girlfriends

Me and my girlfriends had unwind together with her boyfriend at the bar. I ordered Tequila Sunrise. I had three bottles there. Me and my girlfriend ate "L" and her boyfriend. I felt sorry for my friend "L". We talked about life, relationship, family problems etc. I found out that they're love story is more complicated. She is living now with her boyfriend. And boyfriend had two (2) children 20 years old and the youngest is 12 years old. Now, she is living with them... and her problem, she can't handle the kids. Because she thinks she had no right? I feel, sorry with my girlfriends because if that will happen in me. (uh uh uh ) Me, too... i don't know? What the best advise to give on my girlfriends. As much as possible , i rather not to comment. I'm here if she need a friend to talk to, i'm here ready to listen to her problems. Hmmm hmm i reckon i am not the best friend that she get. But! at least i help a little bit. Whaaaaaa hayzzz life is very complicated i supposed. Cheers to that Tequila Sunrise for everybody cheers.

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