Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My best friend fishes

Ever since i started to have a bud taste. I love the taste of different kind of fish. Most especially the blue marlin, bariles or barilison ( tuna fish ). I love it... so much. I love it fried, i love it " tinola " or stew. I love it grilling. I love it especially in "paksiw". And then the "squid" or pusit. Squid i love it , when i cook it in adobo style.Lots of garlic and unions. So delicious ...yummy and the last but not the least " Milkfish" or Bangus i love everything about it. But when i come here in the united states " My husband trying to buy as possible everything i like like my best friend fish." Of course.

The other day i've got of handful of fishes. I know i need lot of time to cleaned up all those fishes but i don't mind as long as i am patiently waiting to cook it as my favorite tinola. Husband bought a mackerel and read snapper for her baby. And of course , who else that's me laugh see the picture shown above... My best friend fish, fishes in the ocean. ( i know its different from bariles , bangus or pusit. But i kind of love the fish anyway. They're real tasty. Yummy and delicious too.

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