Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My best+friends perfume

One of my hobbies is collecting perfumes. I am very picky of my smell. I made sure that when i wake up in the morning i will sprinkle a perfume.I plan to add in my collections a new DKNY perfume. Plus i will grab some their new promo like perfume gift sets i know i can save a lot especially if its on sale. Perfume gift sets is good for giving for a number of best friends. Christmas day is coming time to collect some gifts to our best friends i know you have one of course. Remember, it happens only one time in a year. So i'm gonna think that if i will spend more to give to all my exclusive best friends. I know that if talking best friends means a lot. But only those especial in our hearts comes first. Remember those saying " Best Friend is hard to find " so investing some money to our dear best friends worth for a cause. My second option is iPod i know a lot of best friends loved to listen love songs. Music is a best friend also. Music is good remedy for a stressed people like me, like you, iPod is the best Christmas gift to them. Lastly, i know this is more expensive but money not matters as long you give it from the heart. Wii-fit is my last choices. This games is not only good, but best for the whole family. Kids loves it! Daddy and Mommy can play with it also. So i guess this is the right one for your best friends too. Though this is kinda fabulous and exgtravagant but best friends is hard to find. Money can be find anytime... so friend choice the best christmas gifts for this holiday.

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