Sunday, November 23, 2008

quick update

I am so busy preparing , cleaning the entire house. Because thanks giving is coming soon. We are expecting a visitor. Maybe or maybe not my two stepson will coming to our house and celebrate with us. This coming thanks giving day.... It's hard if you will become the parents just like my hubby. He is always expecting that his 3 sons will gonna come in every thanks giving day. Last year , he is so sad ...

They never come into our house. His dad baked chicken , cooked ham and baked a macaroni cheese. Plus we bought any different pie like pumpkins , apple , cinnamon etc. That's why, i felt pity to my husband. I want him to be happy this coming thanks giving day. I prayed hard to Jesus that he will guide them toward our house his two adult sons. My hubby will be so happy of course. That's all for tonight... i'll buzzz you later..

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