Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Best+ Friend As a wife

I can say i am very simple woman but rock when it comes to principles in life.I've been there many stages in my life,struggles,obstacles,hardship,difficulties, i pass it all.Still fighting to live my life in the right way even many temptation,came in , sunk in , attempt in, along the way.I focus on my dream of becoming a better person someday.Know him first is the secret of contentment. I don't want to live a life full of regrets.I think,think,think many times before i decide of what i want in life. I know what i'm looking for,I know what i'm aiming for,I know what i be with the man...who can understand what i feel,what i desired most,to be able to express our own opinion not just a puppet,to know whats the real essence of becoming a wife. A wife supposedly,the one who is his partner for life & the fact the we are here as a wife,a lover,a friend,a buddy,a shock absorber everything rolled into one.A wife of all times. Many said that being as a wife is a long journey of life. Well that i will intend to do,start discovering the secret of his life...Day by day,Months by months,Year by year...this is just the beginning & no ending...being as wife...Is a very big task to to accomplish!

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