Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Best+ Friend China King Restaurant

Today, December 04,2008 is birthday celebration to my best+friend Bel. We celebrated , laugh celebrate is so big. We just ate some where and i guess you know where ? China King Restaurant is very known to all Asean like us. I , friend bel , friend mel , we plan to eat more coz it's a buffet restaurant.When we are there , i eat right away. I eat fished , baked flouder but the taste is bad. But i don't know about you? Peace .... flounder is not my usually fish i ate.My favorite i love most the Salmon fish. But anyway, the available only is flounder.

I get my second plate. I made sure i get some rice , chicken with pineapple , chicken with sesame, chicken wings hot spices,I noticed that China King Restaurant. Their food is super great of course. But, i noticed the taste is same as usual, its kinda over and over again. I supposed. That's why i will just eat there once in a while to make sure i forget the first time i taste their menu. Laugh out loud.

My third plate i get some sweet food , sweet rolls , sweet banana , ice cream and sweet apple pie. I am so full , after i made my three round of applaused laughing. Then after we ate , the waitress handed us our bill. Our bill is just $28.77 plus $3 dollar tips. In the philippines. I don't remember i give a damn about tip anyway. But here, its a must. I don't know why? Its like their waiting for you, to left some money. If not they gonna bite you. Joke!

I found three cookie fortune in a table along with our bill. I tried to open mine and it says_

" You have at your command the wisdom of the ages." that's mine my friend bel , it says _ "You would make a good lawyer." My friend mel, her fortune cookie says_
"You are broad minded and socially active". Before i forget,my friend bel is the who celebrate her 35th birthday today. December 4th ,2008. Happy Birthday dear friend, may you have many many many more birthday to come in your life. Cheers!

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