Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Best+friend bestseller novels

How COuld i ever forget this novels?
This is my first loved novels..I remember,I am high school that time that i read a novels like these kind...then so many books passing by me he he he I really loved this novel.
Then so on and on until now i'm addicted reading a book.
I had loved many many writer's all around the world but in these kind of book Sidney Sheldon is my first love...not to mention even in my elementary days...I read a book like Nancy Drew,Hardy Boys,Sweet Valley Twins,Sweet Valley High,Mills & Boon,Loveswept, but i started reading like these kind of book i'm hooked up hhahahahaa i remember i read john grisham too...he is popular at that time but time has changed i learned to loved tagalog novels....sometimes i read english too. Right now i'm currently reading Greg Iles....TrUe this time paged 98 me hahhahahahahahahaha thanks folks by reading on these sentiments of mine...It's good to reminiscing sometimes you know.

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