Monday, December 29, 2008

Best+friend news update

My sister said that my uncle the brother of my father died last night around 8pm philippines times. I'm sad upon hearing the news. I know its really hard to my Auntie and my cousins because they are the direct relative. My condolences to my auntie and my cousins in the philippines. I know someday, we were all going there but sometimes we can't avoid the feelings being hurt. Its really painful to see them go away. My condolences to my relative i wish i am there. I know that my presence is always be there to give a moral support. At this time i can't do anything just to pass my condolences to you guys.That's our problem living abroad its not easy sometimes. If something happen like this, i can't even pay a visit because of the higher rate in airlines plane ticket today. But before i forget lets eat this is my dinner instead of breakfast. Rice with corned beef and egg. for dinner. See yah. Dinner at midnight.

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