Monday, December 15, 2008

Best+friend Guess

I Love Guess. But before , when i was in the Philippines. I can't afford to have these of course. When i was in my home province before i only accept charity gifts. Because if i will spent my income keep buying these kind of bags, purse etc. I 'm broke... but of course i can always accept gifts from someone who loved. My favorite boutique shop in Philippines before is Giordano, Hangten , Gerbaud and many more. But like Guess and Lacoste i seldom visit this store. My size in polo shirt , pants and jeans is in Giordano. My favorite wallet outlet is in Gerbaud. My polo shirt favorite is in HangTen. Plus my favorite store i mean entire shopping mall. Is in Shoemart of course. SM. But when i was in davao city i love going to Chimes may favorite window shop.

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