Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best+friend Beauty Secret!

My Foundation: I'm using of my pressed powder and foundation plus liquid foundation too is from my Mary-Kay.(hi if you want to try Mary-Kay product please contact me.-)

My Blush: My blush or sheer as what they called it here I used Mary-Kay sheer blush on.

My Day Cream: Day and Night cream my brand is also Mary-kay hehehe i guess i am patronizing my own product.(Note! if you want to try this Product Mary-Kay contact me)

My Lipstick: I used lipstick,Mary-Kay,Max-Factor,Clinique,Esstee Lauder,Lancome many more

My Essential Beauty Product: Mary-Kay Products i like it so much. I am inspired every time i use it

My favorite Make-up product: I make up sometimes if i am not lazy hehehe.My brand is Mary-Kay,Esstee Lauder,Clinique,Max-factor,Nishiedo sometimes i bought Victoria Secret too.

My Perfume: Victoria Secret,Mary-Kay perfume,Esttee Lauder,Chanel, Mariah Carey, etc

My Nails: Myself only. I myself and me
My Feet: ''I clean up my feet always, i want my feet look so nice & clean everyday my hubby love it when i am so clean laugh heartily! ''

My hands: I used Clinique and My mary-kay hands sanitizer.
Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Food,Water,Blankets
Women I admire for their beauty:Daniel Steel,Sandra Brown,Nora Roberts.
Women with the best Sense of Style:I don't know because there's a lot of them.
My ultimate dream: My ultimate dream is to have a business someday.
My favorite fashion Publication: COsMOpolitan,People,Marie Claire...

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