Saturday, January 31, 2009

Best+friend i'm here:

I'm here best+friend online. We went to attend a bible study tonight.I am somewhat a little sad, because were late. We went there exactly at 7:00 pm left at our home. Thinking that the bible study, start at 8:00 pm. Nobody inform us, they tried to call our land line but were not home that time. So there! were late.... but anyway, were fine! when i see my husband having a great time talking to his friends that's my happiness seeing him smiling with fondness. I felt guilty everytime i bring him and he will just sit there and playing his cellphone. Tonight, is different his having a conversation one of the boys in there, that's made me so happy. Best+friend, Did you ever feel guilty, when sometimes you bring your husband in a party or church that you like? and he isn't?

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