Friday, January 23, 2009

Chicka (gossip)

Today,its a tiring day.Because i heard so much gossip around the corner.
"Hay naku mga pinay talaga." I don't want to be in the middle, i don't want to be part of it.But sometimes,i can't avoid it! no matter,how careful i'd be.But the gossip is spreading like virus.Even, no matter,how hard i try,but the gossip is making on fire.Then what happen " Burning" yes.,you will get burn on it.(hope so,your wearing sheild against fire)Its just like a virus,the more you got irritate,the more it will contaminate on your system.I am just sad, because even if? Even if? Well, can i say, if they want trouble then they have face the consequences."Basta ako'palaban ata ito!" laugh out loud.


Cacai_Nad said...

Yeah, that's true it's like a virus. Just be cool as I saw u handling this situation and I admire u of that. Anyway, I have a tag on you, claim and grab it here

Happy blogging!

Prettymom said...

hi weng passing by here, hope all is well with you and hubby