Thursday, February 12, 2009

Best+friend DoGgies

I am so happy when i got a new puppy her name is "thea" she is a she a female dog.I have a chihuahua and cocker spaniel. Thanks to my friend Bernadette,thank you so much.I like the dog so much.She is so so so sweet before. While we are on the car, she is kissing me...yucky thou so nice.,i like her a lot. But that was before and she is very nice companion to my little chihuahua ha ha ha they looked so good together.My chihuahua name is "spike"he is trying to make love on her all the time when they are together ha ha ha ha somehow i felt so overjoyed before. I got 2 puppies and 2 adult dogs they are so lovely and funny same time. I love having them,even they are trying to loose my patience.Because "thea"pooped and pee on the carpet. My stepson always step on it? My hubby step on it too....and now their pooped messed up around....What a messed?but of course i can't count on i picked up the poop and clean up the mess, where she peeing.God almighty help me please! make my puppies or doggies so smarty hehehe i aint no clean up no more. Ha ha ha that's all for today.,See yah

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