Sunday, February 15, 2009

Best+friend exercises machines

Well! I'd been thinking for a while that i nee to purchase an equipment machine for my exercise sessions.I want to be fit, sexy, healthy lifestyle because as of now my big fat ass is too heavy to carry always everywhere i go. I'm tired of it! i promise myself this 2009! i need to do something while there is still time. Life is too wonderful and so much beautiful just to give up that easy. I can't i can't let that happen in me. So! for the starter like me i will purchase first the treadmills or bike . You know! i need it so much for my health i want my future become healthy lifestyle soon. I want to tour around the world in the near future but if i will let my health conflict on my plan and its because of not take care my health that supposed to i should then its useless right! i said to myself i will and i can do it! Life is wealth. Life is so precious so dear best friend don't wait your body become fat and fatter instead start dreaming now to become a sexy model, to become famous someday because you have the body to die for and many will be jealous laugh out loud . To know more click it here!

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