Monday, February 2, 2009

Best+friend Filipino DVD's

Hi this is the story behind the pictures itself i was supposed to sell my "Danielle Steel" movies collections because i plan to buy a new one "Danielle Collections" more but my friend said she had a complete "VHS Copy" movies all the Danielle Steel Movies but its a "VHS" the fine things,The family Album Part-1 and part-2,Star,Vanished,Palomino,Kaleidoscope,A perfect stranger,Remembrance,No greater Love,The Ring part 1 and part 2,Daddy,Message from Nam part 1 and part 2,Heartbeat,Jewels part 1 and part 2,Mixed blessings,Once in a lifetime,Zoya part 1 and part 2Secrets,Now and the Promise as in super mega-drama these all collections of Danielle steel,My god i am so happy to watch all these movies.Hehehehe so i change my "Danielle Steel" movies to this "Filipino DVD's and CD's instead.If you like to buy one of these CD's and DVD's just search -Nina Live - Tagalog Music on DVD,Christian Bautista - Completely and Regine Velasquez, and right this moment i am addicted to "Nora Roberts" movies .......

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