Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Best+friend Sweet Life!

I haven't expected her to blog about my site. I've authored. I feel so happy knowing about it. Thank you best+friend+ Sweet Life . Its all about the Things that inspires her. Things that may inspire others. And Things that makes life sweet. Thank you so much, i got a feeling that i am so sweet because you find my blog irresistible to your taste bud sensation.
(just kidding here)

WOw, one of my friend online sent me a birthday present last year 2008. And soon its my birthday once again.... Its very nice one picture design with myself in it.Honestly i don't know how to used imikimi so i really appreciated it.If you know please design for me joke.Well,i just post here so that all my co-bloggers see it.Something like this is very special to me.I keep all the remembrance and i keep in my files.Even it is just small things but i do really appreciated the effort.Thank friends Ate virgo my online friends.
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Clarissa said...

Advance Happy Birthday Ate Weng!!
Thanks for the visits,Te!!

nurseabie said...

Hello!Thank you also for linking my post.I appreciate it too..God bless..