Sunday, April 5, 2009

Best friend Silberman's

Best friend i found another online store again. Silberman's Army and Navy its a great store. Because i'd been looking for the right size with my hubby's Dickies working shirt. He loves the Dickies brand its good quality. Nice brand and quality wise. I'd been looking in the store in his size but he don't have that particular size at the moment. Husband is in hurry because he can't work if he's not wearing a shirt. I know hes just being picky because he's been using that brand for years. He's allergic if its another brand that i will buy for him. So i'd been searching online then i found this Dickies Silberman's @ Thanks, because you saved me from a big hassle husband is so adamant to get what he wanted. That's what he is. He is very peculiar in everything he wear and the brand. He likes his pants either made by Dickies , Levi's and Wrangler western wear. He is not so picky but he is very cautions in thread too. He's allergic if he wear another brand. That's my husband threat. He loves to wear a nice shirt and pants. He feel good about it. Because i love my husband i do support him in many ways. Are you? So, if you need anything good and quality wise... don't hesitate to check their website @ at your service guaranteed and safe same as other trusted online store.

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