Friday, April 3, 2009

What a friday?

Tonight, i missed my bible studies. I was invited from my 2 friends in different location. But somehow i felt guilty coz, lately i felt always so tired. Tonight, i felt tired. In the morning i already worked. Scan, organized and display. I have a lot of things need to do in my job. But i can't do it in one time. I need to rest. At noon, my boss come and she asked to put all the stuff last month in shopping cart. After , i finished. I'm gone.... with my bestfriend. Suddenly, i found out that i missed my due in my account. I thought, i pay... another bad day. And they won't accept debit. Only cash or checks. Another, bad day for the day. Friday, is very unlucky for me. I'm happy that the day is almost over. I missed my bills, i missed my bible studies. What a friday.

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