Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My (pasalubong)

I brought with me a lot of dried mangoes , dried fish , durian tart , mangosteen candies, pulvoron from golddilocks and my favorite odong. I distribute these to all my friendship here in NC. Just for my track of record so i will write their name here namely Gin , Mye, Imil, Anbelle, lea-ann, Juls, Ate Rose, Ate Nits, from my other group friends Ate Judd, and to my other group of friends again namely Gerald1 , Gerald2, Anna, Glend, Mandy, Celest, Annnie & Farrah , and to my other group of friends again here in namely ate Rubie, Emmy, Ricci, Ate Clara, Mary-ann, Lucy, just imagine how many they are... i didn't even eat the Durian ( a fruit from Mindanao) and Mangosteen (fruit from Mindanao) because i gave away everything. But the happiness i gained is indescribable giving them food. That's the picture i show it here is the one i gave them each. I love all my friends, i want them to be happy too. Dear friends, i love you all with all my heart. That's why i don't have none left.LoL. So, maybe some of you is disappointed i will bring next time (If there's a next time... ha ha ha). Budget is so tight this year. Hope were still be friends that time. lol. Anyway, this is for my remembrance when i came back from Philippines.

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Clarissa said...

Welcome back,Ate Weng!!Where's mine??loko lang Te!!How's your vacation?