Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm still pissed!!!

Yes!!! so pissed to the max as in super super super. I'm pissed because i remember that packages i sent last April 2009. And, i've got a letter saying they lost my packages. That's it!!! lost! as in lost. I tried my best to gave them the best description its item, they've lost. But to no avail up to now. I still didn't heard from the post-office. I sent via media mail. Everytime i will asked, they will asked me back saying. Did you get deliver confirmation? Or Insurance? How unlucky i can get. It means no question asked no nothing its finished. Lost. Forgotten. Forever and ever. That's the answer. No insurance, No deliver confirmation. No asked too!!! that's why i'm pissed , mad grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I can't blame them. But i think, maybe a filipina who work that post-office is the one who steal my packages full of brand new tagalog pocketbooks. Shit!!! i hate you whoever you are!!! think of "Bad Karma" my friend. If, you read on these you know me. Send it back...before that "Bad Karma" happen.

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poray said...

oi mao ni reason na dli na ka pa-rent kng wla insurance kng magmail sa pocketbooks dai? na kuyaw ni mura na pinas hehehe...sana mauli pa to oi ky sayang...asa diay to nimo padala unta na state?