Thursday, July 30, 2009

My best friend shopwiki

Today, i was about to go on shopping. But i think about how expensive it is the gasoline so instead i just stayed at home and do some shopping online.Think about how much time you wasted if you go on driving down the road. And witness some accident happen everyday. Absolutely true! Isn't it, I'm glad,the high technology done in my life. Stayed at home. Browsing online. I know that some website offer free shipping depending how much total cost. But i love doing my shopping galore in most especially for home and garden supplies. I love doing gardening in this summer season. And i love redesigning in my home. Especially, when i got a new set of furniture. A new set of drapes and new blind curtain. A set of cushion, because my dog, Jasper is always making a mess. Sometimes he chewed it up. I guess , i need to stop. Because my husband will say something if i go crazy shopping. Thanks for helping me doing my chores light.

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