Thursday, August 20, 2009

57 Westerns by Louis L'Amour

My hubby bought another 57 copies westerns by louis l'amour. He was so addicted in reading. My husband is a book lover like me. Here are the titles. 1. Borden Chantry. 2. Bowdrie. 3. Buckskin Run. 4. Catlow. 5. The Cherookee Trail. 6. Conagher 7. Dark Canyon 8. Down The long hills. 9. Crossfire trial. 10. The daybreakers 11. Fallon 12.The first fast draw. 13. The Furguson Rifle 14. Galloway 15. Guns of the Timberlands. 16. Hanging Woman creek. 17. Hard case 18. Haunted sea 19. Hondo 20. Iron Marshall 21. Juball Sackett 22. The key lock man 23. Kid Rodelo 24.Lando 25. Last of the breed. 26. Law of the desert born. 27. The lonely men 28. Lonely on the mountain. 29. Long Ride Home 30. Lonesome Gods .31. The man called noon. 32. Mojave crossing 33. The man from broken hills. 34. Matagorda 35. The mountain valley war. 36. Monument rock. 37. Mustang Man. 38. The outlaws of mesquite 39. Passin through 40. The proving trail 41. Ride the river 42. Ride the dark trail 43. Reilly's luck 44. Rivers west 45. Sackett 46. Sackett brand 47. Sackett land 48. Silver Canyon 49. Sitka 50. The sky-liners.

51. The Strong shall live 52. The Tall strangers 53. To the far blue mountains 54. The trail to seven pines 55. Utah blaine 56. War Patty 57. Warriors Path .

These are all the titles he bought. I'm happy for my baby.

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D.M. McGowan said...

They nare all great titles ... but then I've allways enjoyed anything written by L'Amour. Some I've read a half dozen times. You have me wondering where my copy of "Fair Blows the Wind" might be, one of the Talon series.
I've tried to model my own efforts at writing after L'Amour's work. Perhaps one day I'll get close to succeeding.