Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Got doctor appt.

Best friend, i am so sad and happy today. Because i will be positive for sure for my TV- skin test result. Anyway, lots of my friends filipina here they are also positive in TV- skin test result. Because, i was told that mostly all people live in the philippines is positive. I dunno why? Maybe, its all about the food we intake, when we are kids or the environment that we lived in. Hoping for the best results positive or negative it doesn't matter. As long that it is curable by prescription. I'm here in America's that country that all is impossible. LoL.


afparks said...

Hi, why did you have to undergo a TB test? yeah my filipina friend here told me most pinay is positive for tb skin test. She said it has something to do with the surroundings and the air. Im not really for sure, but I did not have TB skin test so I don't know if I am positive or not. And I actually don't have reason to take the TB skin test because doctor never told me so. hope all is doing fine with you. take care

Nedekcir said...

Don't worry about it. The doctor will give you something for it and after that the doctor will not give you any TB test anymore, all you have to say it was positive and I took a medicine for it.

I had a positive result too. There is nothing to worry about.

Allen's Darling said...

Thanks ate eden...hi ate eden please send me message ur address for your dried fish okies. Thank you. Mas oki na ako ngayon kc marami na rin nagsabi sa akin na positive din sila. Salamat talaga.