Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I signed up for my 1,000 gift card

I signed up the survey. I completed it, because they said i could get my $1,000 gift card in Victoria Secret. I recieved it how many times. Today, i tried if its work. I even paid for $ 1 dollar free Mineral Science pressed powder, instead i recieved the reciept payment of $6.99. I thought so. There's a hidden charge for everything. Anyway, i will wait for my $1,000 gift reward. If, it's true. Because i am not convinced yet. I completed i even purchase one of the last offer they want me to do.

Hello ,_Potenciana Forgeiful. ( not my true name)
Thank you for using your PayPal Debit Card for your payment of $6.99 USD to MINERAL SCIENCE 866-363-6797 PA.Please log in to your PayPal account and view your transaction history for more information.Sincerely,PayPal

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