Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm thankful im blessed!

Yes, me too i felt bad to my fellow countrymen "Kababayang pilipino" they are the one whose life will suffer at the end. Economic crisis like these...but those who have money and power is another story. Coz, they won't suffer like all those poor people in our country.If your poor the more you will become poorest. If you are rich and powerful the more you become even richer...and even powerful. That's what our government portray now a days. So sad because even me can't do anything to stop the growing poverty in our very own country.

God bless....those who have pure heart , those who have pure intention, God bless those who is not hungry for power and God bless those people who believe that there is still hope. God , Jesus Christ is our only hope. I know that not of all believe in him. I never condemned those who do not believe in him , but those who believe that there is hope. That there is God , in this world. God bless those who suffer heartache , those who suffer disappointed and those life is in the verge of brokenness.

Bless them oh Lord that your miracle still working those people. I hope that i can contribute something here... me and i , always praying for forgiveness in our sin and always praying how thankful i am., that i am here in " God bless America" i am grateful and thankful for all the God blessing in me. So i hope one of you is cheerful , thankful , because tomorrow is our "Thanks Giving Day" ... God, Jesus Bless America always.

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N said...

Happy Thanksgiving USALIFEY. I will call you sometime for

BTW, yes not only pinas have a lot of power hungry people. Dito rin sa US marami yan at ang front people nila politicians. Ang funding nila galing sa mga bilyonario dito. Pandagdag lang sa sinabi mo...

Cge tawagan na lang kita.