Wednesday, January 18, 2012 ( selling fake)

My best friend purchase on this online website ( it is definitely a false or scam store). Don't be a fool to their cunning advertisement because you will end up, feeling sorry to your self. It said that they have a 100% authentic product that's bullshit. My best-friend is having her worst night-mare in her life right now. Because all she wanted is to make a discount for a signature like Louis Vuitton handbag for all she know this company is running a fake-signature handbag. Don't be a fool, like my best-friend did. Take note, please search and google their website first. is my number 1 that selling a second hand product because if they won't take it back you're purchase is under the protection of you can always file-a complain about the product you will get your money hundred percent full refund. So, sorry for my best friend. Waiting for her money to returned her credit-card and they never reply email. They never take calls except on hold for longer than expected. And end up to hang-up the phone because its too long,she will get- a head-ache hearing the sounds. What a shame of this company. Hope they will rot-in-jail. Selling fake-details , fake described is considered a fake-counterfeit or replica. Immitation , whatever you call it. 

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