Tuesday, January 24, 2012

tv for my parents

Guest post written by my buddy Angelo Cooper
I got my parents sterling direct tv for Christmas. They had basic cable before I upgraded their television package for them for Christmas. Now they absolutely love it. My mom likes having HBO. She has gotten hooked on two dramas. The first one is “True Blood”. It is a vampire show. The second is a new one directed by Martin Scorcese called “Boardwalk Empire”. It is a drama set in Atlantic City in the 1920’s. My dad has started watching almost every show on the hunting channels. He has always been a big outdoorsman and really in to hunting. Now he really loves to watch the big game programs. The programs will last for hours. Cameras follow hunters as they spot big game in Canada, Alaska, and even Africa. I have only brought myself to watch one of the programs because they are so long. I watched a grizzly bear hunt in Northern Ontario. About as close as I ever plan on getting near a bear is watching it on television. They are really huge and scary.

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