Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crazy Saturday

Today, I wake up late afternoon, then hubby want to check and see the clock he saw in Craigslist. We met halfway to the seller and hubby don't know how to bargain the clock. Well, it's his game not me. I love to bargain anything.
Then., I stopped at the ASEAN store where all my favorite fish is there... I went over gaga because I spent a lot for fish today. Planning to cook a ( (Paksiw) a named of recipe Filipino language.
Then after shopping at the ASEAN market , we stop and eat at the Chilli's bar and grill.

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Malditang Pinay! said...

Wengay I am back sa blogging world assist mo ako ha di na yta ako amrunong lol pano kita add sa blog ko lol