Monday, March 4, 2013

Happiness is reachable.

In my own experienced. Ive been thru hardship and struggle for life.Its not easy experienced. When i think about it, I am always ending to take time even 10 seconds to SAY , Hey , Self , i am way better than of what i am, Yesterday. I am right? So instead of complaining of one thing or two things be always grateful and thankful to God, because everything has a reason. Remember those days, that you were asking for help? Those prayers is been answered for so long but you wont notice because your aiming on the big things. Think and be positive. Happiness is reachable easy to get but its hard to comprehend that we knows, we should be happy but were saying , were not because of one thing thats caught our attention.Thats is a Big Mistake, Based on my journey in life. I am happy because i said to myself that all these things is just temporary and we were just passing by. I want to live life to the fullest and focus to keep myself in Peace and full of love and understanding to those who need my attention. So , My friend happiness is just beyond your reach, if you let it.

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