Saturday, February 15, 2014

Buy & Sell AVON?

Dear My fellow countrymen and c0-bloggers. I'm weng i know some of you know me. If you like to Buy or Sell avon go to my or if you want to register under my leadership anywhere in the UNITED STATES my reference code is lapotter . Heres what you need to do Go to fill out your information , when they asked you a reference code. Write lapotter . Thank you so much, contact me right away. AVON is very known you don't have to sell them people loves avon. Avon is for everybody affordable and manageable.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

karma is a bitch

Most of the times I can't control myself sometimes. It's because my high-blood pressure boiled up every time I'm having arguments with somebody. Before, I know the word respect but when I found out that I can't respect those person knows how to manipulate weak people. Lies really good. Acted really clean, but the truth is not. I do believe when you do good. Diffinitely 's always come back good  Karma on you. I know what's goes around will come around. Karma is a bitch those who is living with LIES, Murder, Cheating husband and wives will get karma very soon and it will happen when they knows that they really did bad damage to those people they loved. They knows how to squeeze these people lives. Their mouth is full of shit, these people get what they want but remember Jesus is Alive and he's coming to get you. I pray that their going to be aware soon, and repent their sin. Stop what their doing because these people Love to pretend that nothing happen that they don't do wrong. They're kind of people ready to fight just to hide of their wrong doing. I'm so sad so sad so sad because MAYBE.....
Their one of my friends. That's what my best friend blogs is all about. Please stop now before it might be too late for you and your future. XOXOXO

Monday, February 10, 2014

Searching for gifts

I stumbled in this online shopping selling gadgets that very helpful to our health. Health is wealth so if you want to be healthy and wealthy buy their LGMedsupply's Pain relief products tested by thousands of patients from different country around the world, TENS UNITS , MUSCLE Stimulators start browsing now. Better be alert to our health than sorry later. It's not easy once your there in that situation. Im planning to get one for me. As of now budget is tight so hoping if i can be helpful to you guys, i can buy for my health prevention just like you and me.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Business start today...

I'm starting to sale stuff that could contribute something I could make additional income for everyday life. This day November 30th is the best day and best year 2013 because it's not for myself could benefit these my best friend could make extra income for their household needs. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fish soup....

I just bought new Chef series by Tupperware and I cooked fish soup. I became a Tupperware consultant for a while but after that i stop. Theres not a lot business selling tupperware my costumer get what they want and after that they are not interested no more. At least i tried. Thats important i tried and i lost my time and effort. LOL.