Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mah friends way back......

I used to worked in " Club Panoly Resorts" as a "OPC" Sales Marketing our job
is kinda tough you know...you have to convinced them that they will signed our form
the one we always give to our client.Sometimes,we begged just to get em' ohh my god
kaloka ....but that was fun as in real fun.

Our main goal for the day...is looking for a "Q" qualified clients.
So we had to be used our charm and ''looked like please have some pity'' wow can't imagine
i did that before...I lOve My JoB! really...I miss mah friends there...
Hey,Mah friends you know who are you? please send me a message here .....
so that we still have contact.I lost the track of them since the "Club Panoly" closed.
for their Marketing and Telemarketer stopped operation.,it is very expensive operation
because we are always in Malling,Hotels etc where there are many "Q" we are aftering....
To Miss "B" hey it's me where are you? since you got back to manila.Shes mah friends
before...she is our Branch Manager in Davao City.From Manila.....
I kinda like her...because were both crazy of Pocketbooks Tagalog.
We become friends...Hi its me ....

Above picture was taken at Gaisano Mall,Davao City......Miss yah na po!
hey....can you send me a message here if you still remember he he he our pictures
looked good,some memories never fade....Love you all mah friends.

Below taken at JS,Ilustre Davao City.....miss you girl's and boy's
Please contact me if you saw our picture here....I don't know your where abouts

at this moment! Are you married? Are you still single? wow chicka buzzz with me naman....miss our bonding before it happens 6 years ago...chicka-chicka minute..

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