Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jasmine Esperanza

Hi readers,

Today,i was thinking that i am going to post my friends online.As you know me i am addicted pocketbooks "tagalog" lover novel then i want to meet someday the famous writer in the Philippines one of the many "famous" "tagalog" writer of the so called pocketbooks precious hearts publishing her name is Jasmine Esperanza,I met her thru "Friendsters" then we exchanged Ym and we started talking online as a friends.I told her about blogging and thats how we became close as in close in online friends.Ha ha ha ....well,someday,i will meet her in Philippines she's my favorite writers in the Philippines.I want to meet them all ....
Jasmine Esperanza is her pen name...
Visit her blogs
"Bitter sweet and everything in between"

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Jasmine said...

hello weng!

thank you! and happy birthday to you. :)