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Mga taga-Davao Rocks

Wow Davao,Philippines Rocks

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yes,i am from Davao City, these 3 teens edition i will promote them please vote for them kababayan around the world....

Junior Kengkoy

Nan is the happy boy who seemingly refuses to grow old. This happy-go-lucky outlook comes with a lot of downsides, though. His normal day would mean lazy time in school, hanging out with friends and playing billiards in their small town billiard hall. At home he wouldn't lift a finger; in fact he barely knows any household chore. Being the eldest in the family, he is expected to help his mother especially during these times that his seaman father is aboard the ship working out of the country. However, to get Nan to work, his mother would either hit him with a slipper or chase him until he runs out of the house.

What Nan lacks in doing household chores and getting good grades, he makes up with care and affection for his family. Nan hopes to follow the footsteps of his father and become a seaman someday. Entering PBB is a step towards reaching that dream. Nan would like to be positive about the other housemates, banking on his being friendly. He anticipates the chaos and disorder, though, chalking it up to being teens and as such, “maraming trip”. How will Junior Kengkoy fair in the yellow house? Will he try the patience of the other housemates and Kuya? Or, will he emerge a man better equipped to reach his big dream?

Nickname: Arnan

Full Name: Arnann Jay Clenuar



Age: 17

Birth date: July 03, 1990

Height: 5'6”

School: DMMA College of Southern Philippines

Nationality: Filipino

Favorite cartoon character: Donald Duck

Favorite subject in school: Math

Least liked subject in school: English, Physics

Favorite sport: basketball

Favorite summer/vacation destination: beach

Hobbies/Interests: billiards, watching TV, soundtrip, tambay

Ultimate celebrity crush: Maja Salvador

The Bubbly Girl

Forever the bubbly girl, Jieriel is the life of any party. She loves to laugh with people and have fun. She alternates between dreaming to be a fairy and being Superwoman in the same way that she balances childhood and adolescence. She is optimistic about forging relationships with the other housemates, flexible and eager to get to know those around her. Her strong personality allows her to surpass the initial awkwardness and makes her take that first step. This sense of security and sense of self can be credited to her father Gerry, who took care of her while her mom was working in the Middle East as a nurse. A Papa's Girl, she disregards the fact that he isn’t her biological father, proving that familial bonds are indeed not limited to genetics. Jieriel's good nature is expected to bring cheer to her teen housemates, yet will she be able to keep her good nature when her Papa is not around to boost her spirits?

Full Name: Jieriel Papa

Nickname: Jing Jing


Age: 16

Birth date: August 30, 1991

Height: 5'

School: Lamb of God Sped Center, DavaoCity

Nationality: Filipino

Favorite cartoon character: Piglet, Superman

Favorite subject in school: Filipino, MAPE

Least liked subject in school: Math

Favorite sport: volleyball

Favorite summer/vacation destination: Kapatagan, near Mt.Apo

Hobbies/Interests: eating, sleeping, texting, lakwatsa

Ultimate celebrity crush: Matt Evans

The Rebellious Beauty

Beauty is a known sugarcane princess, coming from a family of landed hacienderos in Negros. With doting parents and nannies to do everything for her, she is pretty much used to people around her giving in to all her whims.But despite of this, Beauty learned early in life the value of having principles, and this belief of hers has already gotten her into catfights in school.After a controversial brawl in defense of her own reputation, Beauty was prevented from joining her graduation march as imposed by the officers of her school.

Beauty admits to being vain and is very conscious of her looks even at a very young age. But she hopes that the other housemates would look beyond this characteristic of hers for she is also very friendly, a “loka-loka” and easy to get along with.

Full Name: Christine Marie Gonzalez

Nickname: Beauty

Origin: Dumaguete

Age: 16

Birth date: May 28, 1991

Height: 5'8

Nationality: Fil-Spanish


Favorite cartoon character:Taz

Favorite subject in school:Physical Education

Least liked subject in school: Math

Favorite sport:basketball, boxing, soccer

Favorite summer/vacation destination:Palawan

Hobbies:Watching TV, texting, listening to music

Ultimate celebrity crush:Piolo Pascual

The Deaf Dreamer

Priscilla faced great tragedies early in her life: her father was murdered when she was six, and she lost her hearing when she was 11.But instead of giving up, this young girl struggled to overcome these challenges to enjoy life like any regular teenager.Living with her disability taught her the skill to read other people's lips, enabling her to communicate with her family and friends more conveniently.Given her determination and optimism, she bagged the first runner up title in the Miss Teen International 2007, proving to all that imperfection is not part of her vocabulary.

Priscilla is optimistic that the other housemates will enjoy her company and she’d probably share her interest in writing fiction and poems. She’d openly reveal her passion for dancing, her craze over Lobo, even her dream of owning a house in Manila but the other HMs will definitely have to use force to make her say a word about her love life.

Will Priscilla survive the chaotic world of PBB Teen Edition Plus?


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