Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Lovely God daughter

Hi,today i saw the picture of my godchildren oh my she's so pretty girl.I guess if i remember right she's my 18th god children i have lots of god children in the Philippines.Daughter's and son's of my friends,co-workers, and associate with.They say " you can't say no of a beautiful angel" so if they want me to be their god mother.,i feel honored.And this picture is my god children of my first cousin.She is so lovely,pretty and young.I'm pretty sure,she will be grow her god mother pretty wise and intelligent.Ha ha ha ha ....time flies so fast.The last time i saw her she is just a very small baby.And now looked at her she's so funny and pretty lovely daughter for her parents.And what amazed me is she have a long tongue and they say that if you have that you should be very proud of what you've got.And pretty sure she will grow up a very charming lady and smart like me...kidding though.

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JeFf & NoVa said...

hahahahahahahah... ang cute naman...

i have added this blogsite into my page too..

happy tuesday