Thursday, May 15, 2008

Go Priscy and Beauty

Hi everyone,

Please do vote my Priscilla Navidad,Isn't she beautiful and fighter in her own way.Support her as i support her always.I always watch if Priscilla is there.Shes sweet and smart.I'm sure if i am there i will spend 1,thou just to vote for her he he he its me so crazy about PBB.She's now nominated calling to all her supporters.Vote for Priscy and beauty.Shes just immature,she knows how to handle herself w/out pretensions.Beauty and Priscy Go,i don't want them get out the house of Kuya.Please Vote for them....


The Deaf Dreamer

Priscilla faced great tragedies early in her life: her father was murdered when she was six, and she lost her hearing when she was 11.But instead of giving up, this young girl struggled to overcome these challenges to enjoy life like any regular teenager.Living with her disability taught her the skill to read other people's lips, enabling her to communicate with her family and friends more conveniently.Given her determination and optimism, she bagged the first runner up title in the Miss Teen International 2007, proving to all that imperfection is not part of her vocabulary.

Priscilla is optimistic that the other housemates will enjoy her company and she’d probably share her interest in writing fiction and poems. She’d openly reveal her passion for dancing, her craze over Lobo, even her dream of owning a house in Manila but the other HMs will definitely have to use force to make her say a word about her love life.

Will Priscilla survive the chaotic world of PBB Teen Edition Plus

The Rebellious Beauty

Beauty is a known sugarcane princess, coming from a family of landed hacienderos in Negros. With doting parents and nannies to do everything for her, she is pretty much used to people around her giving in to all her whims.But despite of this, Beauty learned early in life the value of having principles, and this belief of hers has already gotten her into catfights in school.After a controversial brawl in defense of her own reputation, Beauty was prevented from joining her graduation march as imposed by the officers of her school.

Beauty admits to being vain and is very conscious of her looks even at a very young age. But she hopes that the other housemates would look beyond this characteristic of hers for she is also very friendly, a “loka-loka” and easy to get along with.

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