Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big Lots of Bestfriends

Yes, I got lots of friends , best friends in Christ today. I met lots of elder sister that i could rely on like advice. Thanks God , I believe that nothing impossible with him , before i pray , prayed many times that i met these kind of group. Because , before i am still in Philippines i had these kind of groups before .Thanks you lord for making my desire come true. Now i am with the people , that truly a Christian people not only in faith but also in covenant of Jesus. They are the instrument sent from heaven above . I just joined them for at least 3 months from now but i can see lots of changes in me. In my attitude towards other people. They are truly the true sister in Christ . One of the things that i noticed most is if ever i mentioned a name or criticize that person. The sister that i am with said, just let it go...don't mind them because later it will haunt you or hurt you in the process. I am so ashame with myself, because these people is truly sent from God in me. So from now on i will always say "nothing impossible with god". He knows what our desire.

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