Saturday, July 12, 2008

My best Friend for Life

Me, i didn't dream nor plan marrying a foreigner. But due to my age adding so fast. I feel i need to seek and find of my own. I can marry a "Filipino" if ? if ? i choose to, because "Filipino" men loves women knows how to earn money by their own way, In fact i started to stand on my feet at the age of sixteen (16) i don't need somebody or someone else to feed over me, I can raise and stand of my own with the help of my brain and charming smiles. I am proud one "Filipina" because i am a true example of "Filipina" not a con artist nor a scammer asking for money. {Be careful that's all i can say to those who seek their soul mate online }

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cameronsharpe said...

Your story was extremely touching. Your expressiveness demonstrates what an incredible connection you had with this other person and I can sympathize and relate to every word.