Friday, August 8, 2008

Best pren online anne

This lady anne is just new on blogging world. We became friends because i noticed that shes also from davao like me. Aha! Mabuhay ang mga "dabawenya" bloggers. So i stopped and leave her several comments to catch her attention.Bribe...bah kabalo na (you know)"thats why, she left me a note too. Saying..."can you be my cherubs" ha ha ha i thought at first "angel na ako" kc cherubs! hmmn i remember something cherubs means like angels...i may not right but thats how we met,Our friendship online...hope...we became friends someday, here in tate.Well, we never know? Fate is very mysterious.,before when i was in davao, we never meet.Now, were here in miles in miles away...we met just like kismet...ha "char-char..basta friend na me Her name is
Anne...visit her blogs.
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