Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bestfriend Chai

This is my best-friend cutiest girl i've known were best-of-friends way back before i came here in the land of many promises and she went to Sweden also to be with her fafa i like this cute lady because she is funny to be with. I know her from the internet cafe i used to visit most of the time to talked and chatted with my fafa bear of course before when we were just lovers online. This young petite beautiful lady is always there too way back 2004 i guess. So we became friends then the days went on we became constant buddies of course. We used to called ourself classmates laugh classmates in the internet cafe. Thats how we became friends in real life , friends in online , friends forever until the computer break down and the online world shut down laugh. Of course just kidding...Met my friend Chai and Visit also her blogs Click Here .

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