Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bestfriend's online

Yes, i have lots of numbers friends here online. I have various site that i joined plus recently part of. They are my family from online thats why we have best friends . But sometimes i can rely of them . Like asking for advise , asking for some info related of my immigration papers , family problems ( or money matters in the family ha ha ha not financially but emotionally advice ) friendship online is truly amazing. Of course, we have lots of theory but friends sometimes make us proud. It does make difference in our lives. Play a big role in our complicated life.Though its online only but the camaraderie we built around our world was awesome. May we never know or see each other in this life time.,Some of us still mysterious but we still encourage one way or another. Friendship means a lot to me. I treasure all my friends here and there. But one thing important do not forget that Jesus gave us that friend he use them so that we recognize him. And one more thing don't forget to say thank you always after your friend do good in you. Let recognize their effort and knowledge.

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