Thursday, November 13, 2008

Best+Friend Tong-its now is in USA

Me and My Girl+Friends played "Tong+Its today. We were so happy. Imagine for almost 2 years i did not played "tong-its" means playing card. And today... today is my lucky day. I missed it so much. Then today is such a happy day for me. Because me and my best+friend tong+its met at last. I realized how i missed my best+friend tong+its. But such unlucky for me coz the bad luck was on me. Yes, unfortunately i am bad luck. I lost $ 2.90 cents for almost 2 hours of playing. Such a pity for me...i lost my $ 2.90 bucks. Oh la la la la how i missed it so terribly. But of course i know ...that today is an ordinary day. Me and My Girl+friends just wandering around the corner here on my place.

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