Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My husband drink with a high protein

My husband best friend is drinking protein drink. Made of whey protein isolate flavor chocolate. I fed my husband the best protein drink to enchance his high level of stamina. Drinking protein drink is a must the like of him. He is getting older so i should fed him good diet and good substance that he get on his drink. Protein drink is good for my husband. I bought only the best for my baby. No cholesterol , No fat , No artificial. The best quality for my best-friend hubby. High quality and of course high price but affordable. I bought not looking for the price but looking for what they offer. It is completely natural ingredients made of whey protein powder drink. Best for my darling.My dear readers if you truly love your hubby.Try this one my hubby loves it. He love to drink. Sometimes i envy my darling coz i can't drink 8 glasses a day. I'm trying up to now.But my hubby drink it 3 times a day. Care for a drink? Protein drink cheers!

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