Monday, December 1, 2008

Best+friend pocketbooks romance

I can't describe how the pocketbooks touched my heart every time i read a happy ending. I am a certified sucker on happy ending. I know this is just a fiction but still i can't help myself to smile every time i read a happy ending. Plus the fact that having someone to love is the best gift that i ever received from God. Loving someone is a big challenge. It is like having a piggy bank but you can't just put the coins and replace the coins if you like. It means you have to care of it for the rest of your lives. Be careful every time you need to add some coins but instead of coins you add some spices in life. Add some loving , patience and understanding. Some say loving is easy but for me loving someone is a very difficult task to do.

It is the same way, if you are having someone you love. You have to nurture it , water it , cultivate it, loving someone means loving your self too. Start loving now.

From the pocketbooks romance.
First and Last Love by Nathalie Julian
published by My special Valentine

When two hearts are destined to each other, No matter how long they separated ways, In the next bend, their paths will cross again. And no matter how painful the broken heart, It will be claimed by love and healed by smile...

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