Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry x'mas ho ho ho

The time is already 8pm in the philippines. I wish i am there to celebrate christmas with my family. But i guess its only my wishes forever. Flight to Philippines from here is not just an ordinary like me. They will expect some gifts. Because i am here the land of free but nothing is free only free to look for a job. But i do not have a job. I'm jobless. I can't find a job not unless i know how to drive a car. Our house is 45 miles away from city. I'm not sure i just guess. I woke up early today. To greet my family in the philippines. They are now celebrating almost Christmas eve at 12 pm here. Its not always be Christmas day. So i might as well greet them early as possible. Though my heart is breaking because Christmas is almost coming.

While waiting for them to come online and talk to me i will wash my dishes first.
Because i need to wash our dishes. My diswaher is not working is broke. And i am not regretful as long that there is my two little hands i can do the handwash things myself. Its Christmas Day today. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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