Friday, January 30, 2009

Best+friend dream prius

As the days goes by and passing each day... My dream car Toyota Prius, up now and at that time when Toyota Prius is out in the market, unluckily i run out of money. Second, when Toyota Prius 2008 something come up and stole my budget again. For crying out loud, now is year 2009 the year of the OX, i hope nothing comes up because ' nothing., laugh laugh., I Got you there! Of course i know and pretty sure i will this time because its "Obama new edition " hes labeled for a change so i believe something will happen and thats for a change for sure. That i will drive soon my future Toyota Prius Hybrid 2009 I 2010. Toyota is the grandest cars with the powerful steering. Driving a car like Toyota is priviledge. I can be anywhere in the United States. Because i know that i can trust my car, Toyota Prius is very reliable car with flashy gadget inside. Everything is there you ask it, you will get it! fabulous, gorgeous, powerful and sleek. Everything that i need is there. Yay! soon i'm gonna drive my new edition Toyota Prius 2009. Time for a Change not exchange. Read More I

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